Edzell Counter Review – Wanna Shop Care Products, Electronic Gadgets At Affordable Prices

Edzell Counter Reviews

”Edzell counter is an e-commerce store that is selling hair care products as well as electronic gadgets such as a wireless amplifier, soundbar system, and electric cooking range.”

As online shopping is on the rise, e-commerce stores have started branching out in multiple categories. Most stores sell a vast range of items to facilitate their customers.

People also love buying from sites with multiple products as this saves them the hassle of browsing through different stores.

So if you are on the lookout for such a store, Edzell counter is where your search ends. Now thanks to the rising rate of online scams, you must be searching for an edzell counter review to know if this online site is legit or not?

You are in the right place as we did a detailed post mortem of the Edzell counter to help you in your next online shopping spree.

Let’s get started!

Detailed Edzell Counter Review

Edzell-counter.mybigcommerce.com is an online store that is operating in the United States. When you open the site, you will get the impression that this is a haircare store since they are selling various shampoos, conditioners, and serums.

But after scrolling down, you will find some electronic gadgets on display too. Haircare items and electronic devices are whole different ball game, so it’s a bit shocking to see two completely unrelated things.

But anyway, in electronic items, you will find gaming consoles, amplifiers, kitchen items, etc. There is another section with 15 popular brands, including Samsung, Sony, Whirlpool, etc., although clicking on this section yields nothing. All the brands are labeled with ”coming soon’’ images.

What Is Unique About Edzell Counter?

Edzellcounter.com is selling multiple products at one site. On top of that, all the electronic items are at insanely low prices. This thing alone is enough to make them stand out from the competition.

Most people love buying gadgets, so by cutting down the cost, Edzell counter is attracting lots of customers.

Is It Legit Or Scam Store?

By looking at the crazy cheap prices, a sensible person might think,” is this even possible?”. Is It legit or a scam? We dug and came across lots of red flags that only point us towards one conclusion:

Edzell counter is not a legit store. It is out there to rob people of their hard-earned money by posting attractive offers on their products.

I will explain the Red flags below.

No Owner Information

A legit brand will always be proud to share its story with the customers. The owner information is integral to share trust with customers. We could not find any owner information on the website, which means they might be hiding something and don’t want to be exposed.

Incorrect Address

The address mentioned on the site is 3100 S Alaska St Seattle, WA 98108. According to the website address belongs to their store, but there is no such information on Google Map.

That means they are providing fake addresses, which is a classic red flag.



  • Low prices
  • Multiple items available
  • SSL secured


  • No social presence
  • No cash on delivery service
  • Poor website design
  • Suspiciously low prices
  • Fake address
  • Generic about us page
  • Negative reviews

Edzell Counter User Reviews

We did some scouring and could not find any edzell counter reviews online. This is another warning sign that you should stay away from this website.

The site has a terrible reputation among online shopping circles because of the numerous alarming signs.

Wrap Up

We hope our review has helped you in your online shopping experience. You are better off staying away from this site. No one sells the latest gaming consoles at such cheap prices.

Do not forget to share your experience in the comment below and help us in our mission to make online shopping safe and secure.

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